MPSVs are vessels specially designed for subsea operations. Versatile, they offer customers great flexibility of use.

With DP3 or DP2 dynamic positioning technology, our vessels are equipped with high capacity cranes using active heave compensation to install equipment weighing up to 120 t at depths of up to 3,000 m.

Like the Bourbon Evolution 800 series, our MPSVs also have a large deck area and large lodging capacities.

Specifically designed for subsea operations, they also offer all the payload and logistical support capacities necessary to give our clients great flexibility of use.

Main characteristics

  • High capacity cranes
  • Versatility
  • Diesel-electric engines
  • Next generation maneuverability and positioning
  • Exceptional storage and lodging capacity
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Pumping and storage capacity in case of an oil spill
  • Optimized fuel consumption


Southern Ocean, ex-Bourbon Oceanteam 104 10,000 t
Bourbon Oceanteam 101 7,000 t
Bourbon Evolution 800 Series 4,860 t
Bourbon Pearl 4,850 t
Bourbon Trieste 3,210 t
Bourbon Enterprise 1,862 t
Bahtera Azalea 1,823 t
Bourbon behind the scenes