Bourbon Evolution 800 series

Designed to meet the challenges of offshore oil and gas production and operate safely, the Bourbon Evolution 800 Series offer a broad range of services.


One series, multiple configurations


A Versatile Subsea Vessel

The vessels of the Bourbon Evolution 800 series are versatile. They have a vast 1,200 m² deck space, 2 high capacity (150 t and 40 t) AHC (Active Heave Compensation) cranes, and can be equipped with 1 or 2 ROVs.

A floating hotel vessel

One Bourbon Evolution 800 vessel can adopt a floating hotel configuration and then accommodate up to 105 people.

A "wireline"/well intervention vessel

One Bourbon Evolution 800 can conduct so-called "wireline" operations, i.e., inspection and repair of subsea wells. These operations can be performed laterally or via a central well ("moonpool") allowing the installation of a derrick.

A "well-testing" / Mini FPSO unit vessel

In mini extraction, storage and unloading station mode, a Bourbon Evolution 800 vessel can participate in well testing, with a storage capacity of 24,000 barrels of crude oil.

Main assets


Maneuverability - Class 3 Dynamic Positioning

The Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels are the first series in the BOURBON fleet to be equipped with class 3 dynamic positioning (DP).

The subsea interventions at great depths require the greatest accuracy, the DP3 enables vessels to maintain their positions, even under adverse weather conditions.

This exceptional maneuverability is also enhanced by the presence of 6 thrusters, including 3 stern thrusters and 3 bow thrusters.

Reliability - Equipment redundancy

The vessels of the Bourbon Evolution 800 series are equipped with redundant systems, such as:

  • 2 engine rooms
  • 2 electrical rooms
  • 2 V-SAT communication systems
  • 2 high capacity cranes
  • 3 stern thrusters
  • 3 bow thrusters

This high level of redundancy helps to improve operational reliability and safety.

High lifting capacity - AHC Cranes

Each Bourbon Evolution 800 vessel has 2 towering cranes that cover the entire deck area (1,200 m²) and can work simultaneously.

Key elements of the vessel, these cranes employ AHC (Active Heave Compensation) technology to stabilize a loading crane with heave compensation systems.

With a lifting capacity of 150 t, the main crane is able to work at depths of 3000 m.

The second crane has a lifting capacity of 40 t.

Rescue and pollution control operations - Fire-fighting system

Equipped with a class 1 FiFi (fire-fighting) system and a helicopter platform capable of receiving an 11 t machine, Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels are equipped to perform rescue and pollution control operations.

They can rescue up to 150 people in a tropical environment, evacuate personnel by helicopter, recover hydrocarbon pollution, and deploy dispersants or booms.

Large storage capacity - Deck and tank capacity

The Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels have a large 1200 m ² deck area that can accommodate up to 2 UHD ROVs.

Each vessel in the series is also equipped with a double hull and stainless steel tanks that can carry 1,000 m3 of fuel, 900 m3 of water, and 370 m3 of highly volatile or flammable special products such as methanol or acid.

Comfort - dedicated client spaces

Comfortable spaces and spacious cabins have been especially designed to optimize our clients’ working conditions.

The series has also been designed to allow the client to have a 210° view over operations and provides a customer gateway, centralizing all operational data (VHF, video from ROVs, maps, etc.).

Operating cost optimization - Low fuel consumption thanks to diesel-electric propulsion

The diesel-electric propulsion driving the Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels makes it possible to adapt the power depending on requirements and operations.

Everything on board is conceived and designed to optimize costs and better manage fuel consumption: measuring and control equipment, crew training, sharing of best practices, collaborating with the client.

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