Engineering and management of offshore operations

Ensuring feasibility, determining the risks and monitoring our clients' projects: that's the mission of Bourbon Subsea Services engineers.


Bourbon Subsea Services has the unique experience of nearly a decade on IMR sector.

We offer expertise increasingly specialized project engineering with innovative services covering all the subsea needs of our operators and contractors in deep water.


Our role is to meet the expectations of the client who wants to be sure that the installation of the subsea equipment they are planning is possible.

Project Engineer - Bourbon Subsea Services

Our teams are composed of qualified engineers and technicians, who perform:

  • research (CAD design, calculations, drafting procedures)
  • preparation of equipment and operations
  • assistance and the possible execution of offshore projects
  • analysis and feedback

A sense of responsibility, organization and curiosity are the essential qualities of these experts. They are in charge of monitoring operations and responsible for the integrity of the equipment.

Our experts work on 3 levels

> Adapting equipment on vessels for subsea operations

We not only design specific equipment for the various operations of our clients, we also offer them:

  • technical solutions for subsea operations
  • risk and implementation studies for the installation of specific equipment (product storage, drilling maintenance pump...) on special vessels
  • guarantee the same vessel's classification and flag authority once the modifications have been made to the vessel.

Our Engineering Department makes it possible to design specific equipment for one or more operations in OPEX.

Engineering Manager - Bourbon Subsea Services

> Operations Engineering, project management

To perform these operations, our experts carry out the management of projects within the Engineering Department and researches on:

  • installation, stowing, and handling of special parcels
  • specific installation-assistance equipment
  • lifting operations, including hydrodynamic calculations due to vessel movements
  • installation and connection to the existing subsea equipment or platforms
  • turnkey project management on laying subsea equipment operations

We work closely with our clients, offering them all our creativity and expertise in offshore operations. Our goal? Provide a technically robust, safe and cost-effective solution!

Sales & tendering engineer - Bourbon Subsea Services

> Management of offshore operations

An integrated management team, composed of an operations manager and the captain is available to our clients.

Together, they are responsible for:

  • drafting detailed procedures
  • preparing work permits
  • informing the shipper or customer of the progress of operations
  • coordinating pre-operations meetings
  • organizing the deck crew (deck officer, crane ...)
  • positioning the ship based on the operations (with the bridge officer)
  • coordinating and directing the ROVs for operations or inspections
  • preparing inspection or end of mission reports