Vessels technical availability

BOURBON has set up a centralized and industrialized organization, to ensure its continuity of service, for the benefit of our clients. The group achieved a fleet technical availability rate of 90.7% in 2021.

In order to guarantee to our clients reliable vessels, BOURBON has opted for the standardization, thus generating significant and sustainable productivity gains.

Reducing delivery costs, reducing vessel maintenance downtime, reaching economies of scale... this standardization strategy ensures continuity of service, regardless of the circumstances and location.



Operational excellence is also reinforced by the establishment of crew training programs regarding standardized equipment, applicable to a large number of our vessels.

To achieve our technical availability objective, the group is developing:

  • preventive maintenance plans optimized by the implementation of "dynamic planned maintenance"
  • cross-disciplinary sharing of best practices

BOURBON is setting up an industrial maintenance organization, directly inspired by aeronautics, with:

  • a central group purchasing entity available to all affiliates
  • an entity centralizing and analyzing technical data regarding planned and unplanned maintenance
  • an international organization dedicated to planned maintenance. These planned maintenance periods are monitored and managed centrally, optimizing costs and vessel downtime, increasing the technical availability of the fleet
  • a global network of 6 BOURBON Repair Centers located near the areas of operation, providing all our subsidiaries with technical specialists and stocks of critical equipment or showstoppers (engines, propellers, etc.)

Technical availability in pictures

Bourbon - disponibilité

Platform Supply Vessel Bourbon Hestia

Bourbon - disponibilité 2

 Maintenance of the Bourbon Hermes à Walvis Bay (Namibia)

Bourbon - disponibilité 3

 Maintenance of the Bourbon Hermes à Walvis Bay (Namibia)

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