In line with the 0-incident objective, Bourbon Mobility is focused on “Safety First”. To fully understand the risks involved in marine personnel transfer, it is essential to analyze past incidents and identify where the dangers may occur.


Bourbon Mobility offers a safe and fast transport to its clients, from short and long distance. The company adopted the safest mode of transfer in the industry compared to helicopter and swing rope, frog, basket, etc: the boat landing.

A compliance record

To guarantee the safest transport to its clients, Bourbon Mobility teams elaborate a clear record of the incidents offshore. Every HSE event is declared and reported in a dedicated database, then shared and analyzed with clients as per the group policy.


Nothing is more valuable than maintaining employees and passengers health and safety. Each day reconfirms our commitment to keeping this a top priority.

Richard WOOLF
HSE Manager - Bourbon Mobility

Other initiatives are taken by Bourbon Mobility to ensure the good safety results. The BOURBON Training Centers aim at increasing the awareness of the crews on certain safety issues. Bourbon Mobility operates with qualified and trained crews that guarantee the highest standards level of safety onboard.

HSE Results & Improvement

No Fatality has been recorded using boat landing over 30 years;

Bourbon Mobility keeps on taking initiatives to increase safety during boat-landing transfers. For example:

  • Standardized Communication between the Crew and the passengers
  • Loudspeaker to be worn by the Crew
  • Green arm band to be worn by the unexperienced passengers
  • Airplane standards Safety Video*
  • Safety leaflets for passengers
  • Boat landing camera (video-footage)

* A safety video has been launched by Bourbon Mobility in order to prevent harm to passengers during their transit. The video explains all the steps to transit, the do's and don't. Everything is made to inform the passengers and make their transit comfortable and safe. 

Our safety performance


Bourbon Mobilité Passagers focus

Boat landing: the safest transfer mode

To secure the passenger embarkation/disembarkation phases, Bourbon Mobility has developed, in collaboration with oil and gas companies, the boat landing solution adopted by many customers.
In 2018, Bourbon Mobility recorded 0 LTIR & 0 TRIR during boat landing operations.

The boat landing