Our vision & values

After a major crisis in the Oil & Gas industry and in Offshore services in particular, the energy market is undergoing profound change: explosion in demand, acceleration of the necessary energy transition, emergence of new markets, etc. Because in such a context, BOURBON has changed considerably, we are evolving our corporate vision and our values to reflect this change. In 2010, we wanted to be a leader. Today we are a recognized leader but, in the long term, we want to be a trusted partner, a sustainable company that creates value for the society and the environment in which it develops.

Our values have been reformulated and clarified to respond to these transformations and to realize our vision.
Ambition. Team spirit. High standards.
3 values embodied daily by our teams, at sea and on land.
3 values that reflect the BOURBON culture.
3 values that will enable us to achieve our ambitions!
3 values that are an essential part of the group's management commitments

Our vision

“Committed to supporting offshore energies development as a reference partner, building sustainable and innovative maritime solutions.”

Our values

The values that we embody every day and through which we deliver operational excellence are part of BOURBON's DNA, of its identity. For over 15 years, they have been the solid foundation on which BOURBON has built its leadership. Today, these values need to be clarified and reformulated to respond to the transformation of our industry and that of the group and also to relate to our ambition.



This means relishing challenges and stretching ourselves, in order to build a sustainable future It is also about:

  • Acting as an entrepreneur ready to take the initiative and adopt a positive mindset, in a complex and changeable environment
  • Having the ability to push back limits, question our beliefs and learn from our errors (test and fail)


The ability to cooperate together allows us to make the difference, to improve our collective performance and to deliver our ambition It is also about:

  • Placing mutual respect at the very foundation of our daily interactions and welcoming individual and cultural differences
  • Always listening to each other, being mutually supportive and able to adapt
  • Putting collective achievement before individual achievement


Striving to achieve the highest standards means aiming for excellence in all our actions and giving of our best in everything we deliver to stakeholders (clients, employees, partners, suppliers), in accordance with established rules. It is also about:

  • Being precise at every level of our actions, on a daily basis
  • Acting with integrity and making the right decision at the right time, while bearing risk control constantly in mind
  • Delivering when we commit


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