Our operational standard

As a leader in offshore oil, gas and wind marine services, BOURBON is committed to client satisfaction, through safe operations and reliable vessels, competent crews, cost optimized services and above all, through modern, efficient and comprehensive safety management systems. « OSM », Operational Safety Management, is the BOURBON standard. Its implementation allows to define the specific steps to reach operational excellence.

This standard, based on Operational Excellence and Risk Management, is a standardized approach to safe and efficient operations. It determines the Management System requirements in each BOURBON organization. Each requirement is clearly defined, managed and assessed, driving continuous improvement in safety and identifying and managing risks on all operational aspects. Fully aligned with new OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) expectations, the OSM demonstrates the group’s commitment to ensuring the requested service is always properly and safely fulfilled.

Our objective: a zero-incident rate for all operations. This is an ambitious challenge we will successfully meet thanks to the combination of continual improvement measures provided by the OSM system as well as to the dedicated commitment of each one of us. 

CEO  - Bourbon Marine & Logistics

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The "Vessel Operational Model" project has made it possible to reduce the workload on board by digitizing reporting and implementing a new maintenance organization, for a reallocation of the crew's tasks on key issues such as safety.

Now deployed on around sixty vessels in the BOURBON fleet, this video offers you an immersion in the daily life of our operational teams, both on board and on land, who are now benefiting from this new work organization.