Integrated logistics

Since 2018, BOURBON has developed its integrated logistics activity to meet its clients' needs more effectively. The main objective: to expand the service offer of its offshore support vessels (OSV) by providing integrated services to the logistics base. Depending on the client's needs, this offer may include the supply of the logistics base, freight forwarding, customs clearance management, equipment storage and warehousing, lifting and handling, waste management and tank cleaning as well and the scheduling and conduct of logistics operations.

The integrated logistics offer enables BOURBON to cover the entire logistics chain of oil operators, from the reception of goods at the supplier's factory to offshore delivery. This control of the entire chain coupled with a digital operations solution enables BOURBON to offer innovative solutions and anticipate its clients' needs.

This service is based on dedicated operational expertise (HSE / Logistics / Digital) in terms of:

  • Risk management (QHSE): deployment of the Bourbon Marine & Logistics safety management system, prevention, training, incident management, audits and inspections;
  • Operations management: deployment of the logistics base, management of the main subcontractors, digitization of operations, operations management, and goods transport;
  • Profitability: cost optimization, implementation of new pricing systems. It has the advantage of simplifying the interfaces by centralizing responsibilities.

    It also enables our clients to reduce their installations in their operating regions.

Bourbon Logistics bases its integrated logistics offer on the utilization of a digital solution dedicated to the digitization of operations. This solution enables BOURBON to provide its clients with visibility and traceability covering the entire logistics chain. The objective is to optimize the material and human resources assigned to each task in order to reduce operational costs and thus provide quality service at competitive rates.