BOURBON's 5,497 employees use their expertise to promote excellence, serving our most demanding clients. On land and at sea, they are the ambassadors of the BOURBON employer brand: Under the flag of excellence.

Earning the confidence of our clients by delivering operational excellence in a safe manner: this is our ambition and, it is engraved in our vision: to be the preferred offshore oil and gas marine services provider for our clients, our personnel and all our stakeholders.

Excellence: modern vessels operated by responsible, enthusiastic and solidary experts. At each level of the company, at sea as on land, our objective is: “Committed to supporting offshore energies development as a reference partner, building sustainable and innovative maritime solutions.”

Like Joel, Adriana, Ivelino, Hazem, Manuela, Diakité, Edwin, Michael, Olumide and Jean-Louis, whose testimonials you will discover in the video below, BOURBON's employees remain united in their diversity, committed to delivering operational excellence, both at sea and on land. 
They embody the Group's values of ambition, high standards and team spirit on a daily basis.


That's why we are investing in:

  • A new fleet of modern and standardized vessels
  • Training and skills development for all our employees 
  • The support and appreciation of individual and collective performance

Under the flag of excellence brings together 5,497 professionals of more than 80 different nationalities, in a collective commitment, driven by professionalism, enthusiasm, responsibility and solidarity, which are BOURBON's values.

Geographic mobility and internal mobility

Operating in many locations throughout the world, BOURBON offers its employees numerous possibilities for progression by bringing together various subsidiaries and many highly skilled technical professions as well as the more "general" transversal jobs.

Recognizing the contribution of all, following career path developments in close collaboration with management and sharing the same values, are the foundations of our talent management policy. A motivated employee, expressing a desire to move forward in his career, can: 

  • take on new responsibilities within the same entity
  • take advantage of an opportunity available in another entity or group affiliate to give new direction to his career
  • receive training to develop one's professional scope

In terms of parity, the maritime world remains predominantly male.

This is why BOURBON reaffirms its commitment and its determination to :

  • strengthen the representation of women in the Group in all the businesses where it is possible for us to do so,
  • to combat inequality, whether in terms of pay, gender diversity, career development or the fight against stereotypes.

A path has therefore been set for 2025-2030, in anticipation of the regulations, to improve parity in managerial and sedentary functions.