CSR approach

The BOURBON CSR approach is based on strong values shared by all employees. The goal is to develop our activities in the long term with all our stakeholders.

Engraved at the heart of the company and supported by the Chief Executive Officer, our CSR approach is tailored to our business. It defines our issues priority and actions to be taken, in order to be socially equitable, economically viable, and environmentally friendly.

Our efforts in sustainable development are focused mainly on the major themes which are:

In order to make our approach ever more operational and concrete, a steering committee dedicated to CSR was set up in 2013.

Composition and organization of the steering committee

Chaired by the BOURBON's Chief Executive Officer, and composed of the heads of the group's prime activities, the CSR Steering Committee meets quarterly.

It is responsible for:

  • defining the group's CSR objectives and priorities
  • overseeing their deployment
  • initiating projects and support them through all levels of the company
  • the implementation and dissemination of best practices

A pragmatic approach

Our CSR is part of a process of continuous improvement and progress. The aim is to contribute positively to the development of our services, for the benefit of all our stakeholders, in compliance with environmental and social concerns.

Our ambition:

  • developing sustainable and responsible relationships based on confidence and quality of service
  • providing reliable solutions while complying with current regulations and legislation
  • protecting the environment by aligning ourselves with international benchmarks