CSR approach

BOURBON has defined its Corporate Social Responsibility policy by integrating the challenges facing the group, particularly those of its working environment, the seas and oceans. This policy is based on the group's new vision, formalized in 2022, and on a committed governance that respects the rules of ethics and compliance.

"Contributing to the development of offshore renewable energies and improving company practices by questioning the impact of our activities and decisions on society and the marine environment at all levels is central to the CSR approach of the sustainable company we wish to be."


As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) because we believe they strengthen our business by promoting growth and progress for all. We are convinced that economic growth and sustainable development are not in conflict with each other, but rather complement each other.



Our commitments

Incorporated into the heart of the company's strategy and ensured by the group's executive committee, our CSR approach is based on 3 priority commitments in order to make its contribution in the most efficient way to reach the goals of the Global Compact:

onu-dd1. Promote diversity and Human Rights by implementing:
  • A health and safety culture at the heart of the company's priorities to ensure the best possible working environment for its employees,
  • Training and skills development actions, sources of professional growth,
  • A team that shares common values and is built upon responsible behavior.
onu-dd2. Aim for an equitable sharing of value in the countries in which it operates through:
  • A dynamic transmission of skills locally for greater autonomy,
  • A network of business relations and partnerships with local suppliers,
  • Decentralized management in line with the expectations of employees and affiliates,
  • A desire to support our employees in a local solidarity approach.
onu-dd3. Develop offshore renewable energies in a perspective of oceans’ protection and the energy transition through:
  • A mature operational excellence approach,
  • A controlled approach to risk management,
  • Support to the deployment of renewable energies, particularly offshore wind,
  • A trajectory to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet of vessels.


Chaired by the CEO of BOURBON and consisting of the directors of the group's main business areas, a CSR steering committee meets every quarter.

Its mission is to:

  • set the group's CSR goals and priorities
  • monitor their deployment
  • initiate projects and deploy them at all levels of the company
  • ensure their implementation and the dissemination of best practices

Extra-financial performance

We measure our CSR performance on the basis of over 60 social and environmental KPIs. These indicators enable the group to precisely manage the impact of its activity in terms of employment, job health and safety, training, diversity and the environment.


Associated document

2021 BOURBON Sustainability Report