BOURBON is actively addressing environmental challenges with a sustainable development policy that respects the environment.

BOURBON is taking a pragmatic, progressive and measureable approach to sustainable development.

In order to reduce our group’s energy footprint, we are involved in environmental conservation initiatives, with the aim of implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts are consistent with the requirements set out by the International Maritime Organization.

The group has undertaken several initiatives in this respect.

Resource management

> A modern & fuel-efficient fleet

We are continuing to invest in a fleet of modern vessels predominantly equipped with diesel-electric propulsion technology. This strategy enables us to keep our greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum, and to make significant fuel savings for our clients’ offshore operations.

BOURBON is therefore focusing on optimizing fuel consumption in order to reduce the fleet’s environmental footprint.

This enables the group to operate in an increasingly responsible manner.

BOURBON is focused on training crews in best operational practices and has established Fuel Management modules at BOURBON Training Centers in order to minimize fuel consumption.

Find out more about fuel management optimization.

> Pollution and waste management

In relation to the prevention of environmental hazards, BOURBON adheres to national and international regulations. The group places special emphasis on the prevention of accidental spills of pollutants in the ocean.

The Bourbon Liberty 150, Bourbon Liberty 300, Bourbon Explorer 500 and Bourbon Evolution 800 series are classed as oil recovery vessels. This classification indicates that these vessels are capable of containing pollution and recovering, and storing the hydrocarbon released at sea. 

Our vessels have waste processing systems supported by a waste management plan as recommended by the IMO.

The latest series of vessels delivered, in particular the Bourbon Liberty 300 or Bourbon Explorer 500, meet the cleanship classification requirements. These vessels were designed and built to meet high standards with regards to fuel cistern protection, grey water handling and waste management, therefore reducing spills and the risk of water pollution, as well as reducing the impact on biodiversity.

Environmental indicators

BOURBON’s environmental performance is assessed on the basis of indicators that are pertinent to the group’s business. The indicators are based on recommendations and principles of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative, version 3.0), which have been adapted to the group’s specific activities whenever necessary.
To learn more, please refer to the extract from our Registration Document dedicated to social and environmental information.

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