Bourbon Subsea Services is a global leader in subsea well services. Our company is also developing expertise in supporting the development of offshore wind farms.

Subsea well services (wireline and well testing) require expertise related to the introduction of measurement tools in the heart of the reservoir/well.

These delicate operations require thorough risk assessment and thorough coordination with the client.

The well servicing includes 3 packages:

  • vessel / ROV services
  • lubricator well control system, subsea lubricator, control and injection umbilical(s)
  • services: wireline, slickline and fluid pumping services
" Our clients benefit from our numerous years of experience in well servicing, a profession that requires very specific expertise"
Jocelyn LE TINOC Captain of the Bourbon Emerald

well testing: key references for the bourbon emerald - shell nigeria

  • 2005-2009: Acid injection to the reservoir with the Bourbon Emerald
  • 2011: Various interventions and well testing (use of slicklines)

Bourbon Subsea Services continues to expand its service offering and is strengthening its positions in offshore wind. From installation to connection, we are constantly developing our expertise in this area.

  • Towing and installation of the 1st floating wind farm off the coast of Portugal

In 2011, the Bourbon Liberty 228, an AHTS from Bourbon Marine & Logistics' fleet, completed the towing and the installation of the 1st floating wind farm off the coast of Portugal. On its side, Bourbon Subsea Services took in charge the engineering of this project and provided a ROV.

  • Support of one of the world’s biggest offshore wind farm projects (150 windmills)

In 2010, the Bourbon Enterprise took part in laying and protecting the subsea electric cables in the North Sea, on the Greater Gabbard field (England). It was also used as a « floating hotel » to accommodate the employees and to assist the windmills’ connection task after installation.

Bourbon behind the scenes