Protecting people, preserving assets and preventing any negative impact on the environment remain Bourbon Subsea Services' top priorities. Because we believe that every incident can and should be avoided, our entire management chain is focused on continuous improvement of our systems and our daily activities.


Absolute priority for Bourbon Subsea Services and its clients, safety is a core elements of our activity, from the design of integrated projects to the operation at sea, and this at all levels of the organization. Our robust HSE management system, combined with a proactive approach based on risk analysis, guarantees our clients controlled operations in all circumstances.


For Bourbon Subsea Services, safety is the main daily commitment and the first pilar of BOURBON's operational excellence.
Life Saving Rules: making safety part of everyday routine

With continuous and strong focus on Risk and Safety Management, Bourbon Subsea Services introduced a set of rules that consolidate our existing safety standards and are dedicated to preventing harm to people: the 12 Life Saving Rules. This campaign enhances personal awareness of the operational risks with highest potential severity to our seafarers; and all people involved in our operations. The main objectives are the following ones: develop personal safety awareness, prevent unsafe acts or situations, comply with rules and procedures.

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"Safety post": An awareness safety tool

The “Safety Post” is based on real events and developed to engage individual and team reflection by looking back at and discussing accidents and ways to avoid them.

Bourbon behind the scenes