“My challenge: to provide the optimal maintenance solution”

Based in Bucharest in the teams of Bourbon Tech Solutions, Daniel Barbuntoiu operates as a maintenance engineer, with a wide range of skills. For us, he talks about his flagship projects, in particular the one related to vibration measurements.

BOURBON Offshore : You are maintenance engineer, can you explain your job?

Daniel Barbuntoiu : My job is focused on developing and improving the maintenance plan of our vessels. I am responsible for implementation of condition-based maintenance (CBM) on vessel equipment, vibration measurements and data base administration, preparing the SOW for alternators, UPS and batteries, technical analysis of various faults and I support my colleagues on different technical issues. In the last years, I was mainly focused on developing and implementing the vibration measurement and analysis project.

Offshore : Can you explain in few words this project?

D.B : It consists in equipping the vessels with a vibration measurement tool so that data are collected by crews on following a program or when is needed. The data are transferred to common data base which is the advantage of the system: the data is accessible for everyone in charge (crew on board and onshore personnel) and different reports can be extracted for the entire fleet. The main idea when I started this project was to make Bourbon independent in terms of vibration measurement and analysis. Due to the involvement of all the people and teams who worked on this project, it is now almost completed. Other activities are to work for the scope of work (SOW) preparation of PMP, analysis of technical events and identification of the cause and finding solutions to avoid these events. The SOW PMP preparation is built in order to have optimal maintenance jobs of each equipment and is mainly based on analyzing the past events of the equipment, maintenance history, vessel technical inspection report, recommended maintenance, parameter measurements and inspections. Based on the defined SOW, the spare parts lists are created.

Offshore : Can we know more about your team?

D.B : I work in the Reliability department with my colleagues specialized in various fields as electric and electronic, safety, diesel engine, propulsion, DP (Dynamic Positioning), hull and deck system, and together with the other department colleagues from CMMS, data intelligence and docking. We are focused on providing high level technical services, expertise and solutions for vessels. This activity also works with the help of my colleagues from the support departments: QHSE, Administrative and Accountant.

Offshore : What is your main challenge as Maintenance Engineer?

D.B : My challenge is to find and provide the optimal maintenance solution considering the particularities of each matters and the cost. This is a really important point. Finding the right compromise. The vessels have a lot of equipment, some of them can become obsolete and we have to adapt them to new technologies. And precisely, we have to find solutions to evaluate this equipment and improve their maintenance plan.

Offshore : A good memory since you work at BOURBON?

D.B : A couple of years, I had to define the maintenance of DC motors which had to be replaced and this was expensive. A very interesting project that resulted in an efficient and durable solution for assessing of these motors. I would also mention the vibration measurement project, which was launched here in Bucharest, a few years ago before being taken over by the Smart shipping teams. I also had the opportunity to work on training for seafarers, based on e-learning. Today, the deployment should be completed by the end of the year and I am glad to have worked on the project at its beginning but also at its end!