Committed to the success of the Smart shipping program

Akram Boubaker's career has not ceased to develop since he joined BOURBON in 2008. As manager of the Vessel Operational Model project, this former chief mate is today directly involved in the deployment of the Smart shipping program, which aims to ensure safer, more efficient and streamlined operations. Portrait.

After his studies at the Tunisian Naval Academy, Akram Boubaker started his maritime career as a deck cadet officer at BOURBON. During his many embarkations on AHTS, PSV or MPSV, he gained experience and was eventually promoted Chief officer. When the Smart shipping program was deployed on board vessels, Akram sees a new career development opportunity and applies for a position as Change Officer: "With my background as a seafarer, I knew the levers that provide greater productivity, so I felt I was well suited to join the Change Officers team!" Six months later, the creation of the DSSO (Deployment Shore Support Officer) positions resonated as a new opportunity to be seized: " I was in charge of training staff in the new standards and monitoring innovations, preparing and training the seafarers in advance about the changes they would experience during their embarkation. In a way, I was the support they could rely on in all circumstances."

Akram is currently responsible for one of the projects of the Smart shipping program, Vessel Operational Model: "The goal of this project is to make it easier to work on board in order to reduce operational costs," he says. "My role is to ensure the proper deployment of applications and on board vessels, by providing post-deployment support and offering additional training to shipmanagers. I also ensure the development of the latest tools to be implemented, such as the Maintenance Scheduler* for example, from the specification of objectives to the final product. In this context, communication within the team is crucial. It is necessary to maintain a good dynamic, to be a good listener and to have a good capacity to adapt in order to be able to question oneself according to the circumstances. This is my vision of change management! " he concludes.

*Digital tool allowing the scheduling of maintenance tasks on board.