With 95% of service rate, Bourbon Mobility adapted its 3 range of services to deliver a unique transportation experience,in line with clients' expectations. 


Le service Crewliner is the long distance personnel transport between onshore bases and offshore structures. To deliver the most complete service, our operational standards are inspired from aircraft industry for more reliable & improved services to Oil & Gas operators and contractors. est le mode de transport des personnels entre les bases à terre et les structures offshore sur de longues distances. 

  • Punctuality, speed & comfort
  • Airlines type service(onboard services improved)
  • Passenger Terminal onshore
  • Around 50 modern vessels
  • Business seats
  • Entertainment, catering & duty free services*

*When available


The inter-field service is the daily transportation for personnel and light equipment between offshore and oil fields.
Bourbon Mobility provides most of inter-field services in 24 hours operations. Daily schedule to intraday transports are available. With more than 165 vessels, our crews offer also any potential destinations on the field. 


The FSIV - Fast Support Intervention Vessels -  are designed to carry cargo and passengers.
These vessels offer various passenger transfer solution’s: by Surfer using the FSIV boat landing or by compensated gangways connected to the offshore installations allowing transfer in harsh conditions such as North Sea.


SPECIFIC SUPPORT to answer our clients' needs

Clients' satisfaction is a priority! That's why Bourbon Mobility is tailoring its service offers for specific missions and operations on customers' request.

Bourbon Mobility adapts to emergencies and requests of its clients by several ways:

  • Including urgent requirements as rapid response
  • Avoiding to mobilize higher cost assets