Bourbon Mobility is starving new innovative services to answer its clients’ needs.

a new transport experience

Bourbon Mobility displayed a new free entertainment service onboard its Surfers. Our passengers can have access to an interactive platform that allows them to entertain during their transit. Press, magazines and films are available on a dedicated network, from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Press, magazines and films are available 




    Boat landing APP & simulator

    Bourbon Mobility uses virtual reality as a safety innovation project. Thanks a mask, the user is submerged in an offshore environment, on a platform. This app is available on smartphones and tablets and is currently used by our clients as TOTAL. 

    • Help future passengers to get ready to boat land
    • Prepare natural reflex
    • Improve safety awareness

    Boat landing: an innovative transfer solution 

    Mainly widespread today in the market, Bourbon Mobility is the pioneer in the boat landing solution. As so, the company became an expert on the subject. 

    About the boat landing

    The boat landing is a structure for landing personnel from Surfers onto an oil & gas structure. Objective: maximizing personnel transfer safety.

    • Easy and versatile solution adaptable to all offshore facilities 
    • Efficient: operations completed in few minutes: Less than 10 minutes for a 50 passengers transfer 
    • Safe, less stressful (vs. basket and crane) and reliable even through rough weather conditions