BOURBON has over 30 years’ experience in the transport of personnel and materials through its fleet of Surfers and FSIVs.

With over 3 million people transported each year, the group has established itself as a world leader in personnel transport in the petroleum industry.

Key figures

  • Operator for over 30 years
  • A fleet of more than 260 crew boats
  • 365 days a year availability
  • Over 3 million people transported each year
  • Operating in over 15 countries

BOURBON offers its clients a safe, economical (one seat of Surfer is 2 times less expansive than a seat of helicopter) and reliable alternative to helicopters for different types of missions:

  • Transporting personnel between oil fields and logistics bases onshore and between the platforms of an oil field
  • Transporting parcels and light equipment

Our services are delivered by FSIVs - Fast Support Intervention Vessels - and Surfers, for the rapid transport of personnel.

Expertise recognized worldwide

BOURBON has developed a strategy aimed at operational excellence, based in particular on:

  • a standardized training program to ensure our crews have the highest level of expertise - 6 BOURBON Training Centers,
  • a network of 6 Surfer Repair Centers, optimizing the management of vessel maintenance, close to operations,
  • a fleet of ships built in series, combining comfort, safety, and reliability.

Boat landing

To secure the passenger embarkation/disembarkation phases, BOURBON has developed, in collaboration with oil and gas companies, the boat landing solution adopted by many customers.

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We operate a fleet of more than 30 FSIVs which are fast support vessels to transport urgent supplies and response teams simultaneously.

oUR SurferS

Our fleet is composed of more than 230 Surfers: speedboats used to transport 20-90 people at a cruising speed of 20-40 knots. BOURBON is constantly innovating to develop its range of personal transport vessels. As a result of a client request, we have developed a new business class range of this type of vessel.

Our crew boatS fleet in KEY fIGURES

  • 2 types of vessel: Surfers and FSIVs
  • Over 260 vessels
  • Crews of 2-5 people (Surfers) and 8-10 people (FSIVs)
  • Transport capacity : 20-90 people
  • Travel time: between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the site
  • Locations of bases and affiliates : West African coast (Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola), Southeast Asia (Indonésie, Thaïlande), Gulf of Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Mexico, East Africa and the Mediterranean
Personnel transport in pictures
  • Boat landing from Surf Express in Congo
  • FSIV Bourbon Libeccio and Surfer 1414
  • Interior view of a FSIV
  • Surfer 19003 in operation in Qatar
Bourbon behind the scenes