The oil industry is setting a course for great depths. In its wake, BOURBON is developing its know-how in IMR services support to oil and gas clients and contractors.

Offshore projects in the oil and gas industry are in a strong development phase. To overcome this, BOURBON offers its partners a full range of services coupled with its fleet and specialized equipment.

Modern and versatile vessels

With diesel-electric propulsion, DP2 or DP3 dynamic positioning, cranes with active heave compensation – with a lifting capacity up to 250 t on the surface and 120 t at depths of up to 3,000 m - our IMR vessels also feature a large deck area and significant lodging capacities. They all offer the payload and logistical support capacities necessary to give our clients great flexibility of use.

A complete, modular range of subsea services

With our integrated service offering, we are able to provide a tailored solution to our customers and contractors:

  • installing jumpers and Xmas Trees
  • deepwater visual inspections and mapping
  • installing equipment at great depths
  • supporting one or more ROVs
  • diving support - laying cables, umbilicals, hoses or rigid pipes
  • subsea interventions - well stimulation support
  • drilling support - platform maintenance support
  • support in case of accidents or fires in the oil fields
  • transporting parcels of various sizes
  • turnkey contracts
  • project management
"In the field of IMR, there is no easy mission. Each one is a new challenge."
leo rastoinMASTER OF MPSV

Our IMR expertise, in figures

  • Over 10 years of operational excellence
  • Operations conducted at depths of up to 4,000 m
  • New generation Bourbon Evolution 800 series
  • Latest-generation ROVs
  • Cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 250 t


IMR: Above all, a job for specialists

Ensuring the integrity, reliability, and safety of offshore oil fields for our clients: that's the ambition of our crews. Coordinating them makes it possible to deploy ROVs and ad hoc equipment in order to conduct each operation successfully.

Vessel captain, crane operator, chief engineer, engineer or deck crew: each of our employees makes sure to provide quality service, safely.

"We provide our clients with a team and integrated resources for each IMR mission."
Julia JohnstonSUBSEA CONTRACTS & insurance MANAGER
Example of a successful project

December 2013, New Caledonia. BOURBON was required by the mining group Vale to work under extreme conditions. The crews of the Bourbon Evolution 803 managed to repair a broken marine outfall in a depth of 40 m, in just 3 weeks, providing evidence of our crews' ability to manage complex... and urgent cases!



Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair in pictures
  • MPSV Ungundja: launch a wellhead off Angola
  • Launching ROV UHD 25 for underwater operation
  • Jumper installation on Girassol field
  • MPSV Ungundja: launch a wellhead off Angola
  • MPSV Vissolela: loading of jumper Flying Lead Deployment Frame FLDF
  • MPSV Bourbon Evolution 803: Loading equipment
Bourbon behind the scenes