Spearheading our standardization strategy, the Bourbon Liberty series offer to our clients optimized execution, a major competitive advantage regarding traditionnal AHTS & PSVs.

With its Bourbon Liberty vessels, Bourbon Marine & Logistics offers to its clients a new model for their offshore logitics operations both in offshore continental and in deepwater.

More than 100: this is the number of Bourbon Liberty vessels in the Bourbon Marine & Logistics fleet end of 2015. These standardized new generation vessels embody the group's unified strategy: build in series modern and reliable vessels, enabling our customers to benefit from:

  • fuel savings
  • an improved availability rate

The Bourbon Liberty Fleet is made up of PSV (Bourbon Liberty 100 and Bourbon Liberty 150 series) and AHTS (Bourbon Liberty 200 and Bourbon Liberty 300 series).

Up to 25% to 35% of fuel savings

Main Assets

All Bourbon Liberty series vessels feature:

  • a great storage capacity versus traditional vessels for more operational flexibility 
  • diesel-electric propulsion, to better manage fuel consumption
  • a Class 2 Dynamic Positioning system and 5 thrusters (3 rear thrusters and 2 in the bow), providing maneuverability and stable positioning
  • a redundancy of the main systems for operational reliability and enhanced security

Bourbon Liberty vessels come in 4 series, to suit different needs:

  • the Bourbon Liberty 100 and 200 offer a cargo capacity that is 30% greater than traditional vessels
  • the Bourbon Liberty 150 and 300 feature additional services and a wider range of capacities (allowing oil recovery, ENVIRO class, and drilling mud (DKD), etc.)


Bourbon behind the scenes