By launching its first series of seismic support vessels, Bourbon Marine & Logistics provides quality support for seismic vessels.

Seismic support vessels, more commonly known as SSVs, are designed to support seismic vessels. The seismic vessels operate in most oceans and seas supporting the acquisition of seismic data to enable oil companies to analyze the subsea geological structures and to identify potential hydrocarbon reserves.

Our SSVs use hybrid propulsion and thus benefit from:

  • 2 conventional diesel engines to move quickly while traveling
  • 2 very energy efficient and precise electric engines for escort and support phases

Main features of our SSVs

  • 50 m long
  • 50 t bollard pull
  • 230 m² of deck space
  • Hybrid propulsion
  • Accommodation capacity for 24 people


technical fact sheets

Seismic Support Vessel 1,360 t
Bourbon behind the scenes