Bourbon Marine & Logistics’ PSVs are able to supply equipment and special products to offshore platforms.

Our PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels) have the advantage of offering a large deck area, from 360 m² for the Bourbon Liberty 100 series up to 1,000 m² for the PX 105 series. They can transport all kinds of vital equipment for the offshore oil industry. These vessels also have a high sub-deck storage capacity and are fuel efficient.

Main characteristics

  • Large storage capacity
  • Exceptional maneuverability and positioning
  • Optimized fuel consumption
  • Transport of special products
  • Firefighting equipment

Main PSV series:

  • Bourbon Liberty 100
  • Bourbon Liberty 150
  • Bourbon Explorer 500
Focus on the PX 105 series

This series of 6 vessels offers a deck area of almost 1,000 m², a dead weight of 4,250 t, a Class 2 dynamic positioning system (DP2) and diesel-electric propulsion. The Bourbon Front, Bourbon Clear, Bourbon Calm, and Bourbon Rainbow all have the MACS ® system (Multi Application Cargo System), a highly-flexible storage system.


technical fact sheets

Bourbon Topaz 4,925 t
Bourbon Ruby 4,850 t
Bourbon Sapphire 4,850 t
Bourbon Diamond 4,850 t
Bourbon Mistral 4,720 t
Bourbon Calm 4,290 t
Bourbon Rainbow 4,290 t
Bourbon Monsoon 4,720 t
Bourbon Front 4,250 t
Bourbon Clear 4,075 t
Bourbon Explorer 500 Series 3,600 t
Bourbon Hamelin 3,340 t
Bahtera Hamos 3,340 t
Bourbon Himalya 3,340 t
Bourbon Hera 3,230 t
Bourbon Harmonie 3,230 t
Bourbon Hemera 3,230 t
Bahtera Hadar 3,230 t
Bourbon Hestia 3,230 t
Bourbon Helios 3,230 t
Bourbon Hermes 3,230 t
Bourbon Homere 2,890 t
Bourbon Horus 2,890 t
Bourbon Liberty 150 Series 1,700 t
Bourbon Liberty 100 Series 1,509 t
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