Positioning oil platforms, towing drilling rigs, anchor handling... all missions carried out by our AHTS vessels.

Anchor handling operations require vessels that are powerful, precise, and reliable. To meet the needs of our clients, we offer a modern, diversified fleet of AHTS.

A fleet that combines power and precision

Representing nearly half of our supply fleet, our AHTS come in different bollard pull capabilities to meet all the needs of our oil and gas clients.

From continental to deepwater offshore

Our AHTS fleet is divided into 2 categories:

AHTS for continental offshore

Shallow water AHTS represent 80% of our fleet of anchor handlers. They include more than 70 standardized Bourbon Liberty 200 and 300 vessels.


  • Powerful engines and winches
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • Optimized fuel consumption
  • Firefighting and pollution remediation equipment

AHTS for deepwater offshore

These are the most powerful vessels in our fleet - up to 237 tons of bollard pull. Their mission: to perform the most complex operations in the most hostile environments.

technical fact sheets

Bourbon Orca 181 t
Luzolo 170 t
Geonisio Barroso 153.9 t
Yvan Barretto 144.7 t
Bourbon Argos 136 t
Argonaute 132 t
Haroldo Ramos 130 t
Bourbon Alexandre 122 t
Bourbon Anggun 120 t
Bourbon Astyanax 120 t
Bourbon Artabaze 120 t
Bourbon Artemis 120 t
Bourbon Liberty 300 Series 85 t
Bourbon Liberty 200 Series 80 t
Bourbon behind the scenes