Bourbon Marine & Logistics operates a fleet dedicated to the assistance and support of offshore oil and gas terminals.

The company's fleet of terminal tugs is devoted to assistance operations, standby, and support of offshore oil and gas terminals, and is specialized in assisting FPSOs (floating production, storage and offloading units).

Bourbon Marine & Logistics has 9 offshore terminal escort tugs including the Bourbon Yack (series of 4 vessels).

Focus on the Kianda and the Luegi

These two tugs are used primarily to assist tankers that are moored on buoys of FPSOs or in tandem directly moored to the FPSO. They are very appreciated by tanker pilots because they can be used to push or pull tankers. They can be used as:

  • back tugs for chemical tankers coming to supply the FPSO with methanol
  • safety and security vessels for the FPSO: ready to intervene in case of fire, incidents and/or to watch for the intrusion of vessels or others on the field
  • support of response teams on FPSO loading buoys

Note that Rastar series is also dedicated to the same type of operations.

Note: some PSVs can also be dedicated to FPSO support by supplying materials, food, fuel, or water.


Support of offshore oil and gas terminals in pictures
  • FIFI test of the Bourbon Auroch tug on USAN field (Nigeria).
  • Kianda tug on Girassol field (Congo)
  • Nemed tug towing oil tanker in Congo
  • Bourbon Auroch tug on N'Kossa field in Congo