Our teams provide extensive professionalism in refueling and offshore equipment transport. Their priority? Making life easier for our clients in the oil and gas industry.

Our dedicated experts and our fleet of PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels) and SSVs (Seismic Support Vessels), enable us to cover all the needs that constitute the everyday life of a field.

The Marine Services Activity offers a wide range of services:

  • supply of equipment and special products
  • refueling
  • personnel relief
  • assistance and support during maintenance operations at sea

PSVs: reliable, efficient vessels

Our fleet of PSVs makes it possible to supply offshore installations with equipment and special products. These vessels ensure:

  • the delivery of all types of equipment through an extensive deck area
  • product storage in large capacity, versatile tanks via the Macs® system
  • the transport of various products such as diesel, base oil, fresh and industrial water, methanol, etc.

The main advantages of our PSVs are:

  • security: exceptional maneuverability and Class 2 dynamic positioning system (DP2) as well as a fire-fighting system
  • optimized fuel consumption thanks to the diesel-electric propulsion
  • technical reliability through standardization of major equipment

StrengTHs of Bourbon Liberty 150 and Bourbon Explorer 500 series

  • Fuel efficient due to their diesel-electric propulsion
  • Extremely maneuverable thanks to their Class 2 dynamic positioning system (DP2)


SSV: a series of custom-designed vessels

Our seismic support vessels have been designed to meet the specific needs of CGG seismic vessels.

They help provide various services:

  • personnel relief
  • fuel delivery
  • storage
  • assistance
  • support during maintenance operations at sea

Their hybrid propulsion allows them to adapt to the different operational profiles of seismic vessels, providing an economical energy alternative, and therefore better management of fuel consumption.

BOURBON has a fleet of more than 100 PSVs, including:

  • 31 Bourbon Liberty 100 and 150 series vessels, featuring diesel-electric propulsion and DP2, with 30% more storage capacity than conventional vessels
  • The Bourbon Explorer 500 series  (19 vessels including 9 in operation), optimized for the resupplying of deepwater drilling rigs.

Our skills for delivering safe operations

Training dedicated to key operations is based around:

  • loading and unloading of parcels from the oil rig
  • connecting and disconnecting loading hoses on the oil facility for the loading/unloading of products
"Skill and safety are the hallmarks of the services offered by the Marine Services Activity. To do this, we rely on the training effort established by BOURBON for its employees."
Rodolphe BouchetCeo of BOURBON marine & logistics


Supply and equipment transport in pictures
  • Supply of the Valhall platform in North sea
  • PSV Bourbon Monsoon: supply operation
  • Jim Cunningham ExxonMobil RIG on the block 15
  • The PSV Bourbon Ruby in freight operation near a Platform on the field Ofon during the last days of contract with Snepco, Shell off Nigeria early 2016
Bourbon behind the scenes