The Bourbon Marine & Logistics' crews have in-depth experience in towing platforms, positioning and anchor handling. Their leitmotiv? Safety, precision, and reliability.

Towing an offshore installation, positioning it, handling its anchors are missions carried out daily by our crews, who are able to support our clients worldwide in both continental and deepwater offshore.

Our broad experience in this type of operation leaves no place for the unknown and represents one of Bourbon Marine & Logistics' key competitive advantages. It's an advantage valued by our clients, who benefit from the company operating standards.

Bourbon Marine & Logistics has a large advantage : AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply) simulators. Faithfully reproducing the bridge of a ship, they are used to train crews for high-risk operations, under conditions close to reality, to provide clients with the best possible safety conditions for their operations.

AHTS vessels: powerful and versatile

Towing, anchor handling, and positioning operations are carried out by AHTS vessels. They feature powerful engines and winches. Among them, the Bourbon Liberty 200 and 300, with a bollard pull of 80 to 85 t, work for the most demanding customers.

  AHTS Fleet


Anchor handling, towing, and positioning in pictures
  • AHTS Bourbon Orca: towing of FPSO Voyager Spirit in North sea
  • AHTS Bourbon Kaimook, Bourbon Liberty 300, towing operation in Thailand
  • Towing of the Platform Scarabeo 4 Saipem in the Mediterranean Sea
  • AHTS Bourbon Liberty 221: Towing operation off Ivory Coast
  • Towing operation of the IOANNIS tanker
Bourbon behind the scenes