February 18, 2020

After a career on BOURBON vessels, Wassim Kennou found himself confronted with a dilemma that many seafarers face, that of turning the page to take up new challenges... ashore. It was a well-considered decision that he does not regret today. Testimony.

After training at the Antwerp Maritime School, Wassim Kennou began his career as a seafarer at BOURBON. He gradually worked his way up through the ranks to the position of Chief Officer. After a short break dictated in particular by personal imperatives, he returned to the group as Operations and Contracts Manager at Bourbon Gulf in Qatar: "BOURBON is an innovative company to which I am deeply attached. I considered this new opportunity, this time ashore, as the logical next step in my career," he explains. "I was in charge of the management of around ten vessels, so I wasn't that far away from my former colleagues in the shipping industry. This first experience fully convinced me that this was the right choice, in line with my values”.

Wassim is now Operations Manager at Bourbon Offshore Greenmar. From his new office based in Mauritius, he ensures the operational management of a fleet of 6 vessels. "Concretely, I am in charge of the management of a business entity. From personnel issues to managing the delivery of food on board, my role is to be the support focal point for the vessel and the seafarers operating on her. In other words, I ensure, in collaboration with my superintendent, that the vessel is managed by its crew in a safe and efficient manner. I try to act as a good father! I'm there to guide the seafarers and sometimes get them back on track or on the right road".

" I considered this new opportunity, this time ashore, as the logical next step in my career."

Wassim Kennou starts his days with an informal briefing with the colleagues around him, before focusing on the activity reports transmitted the day before by the vessels for which he is responsible. He then gets in touch with his two superintendents based in Qatar for an overview of the day's programme. "I am working with our logistician to discuss planned deliveries on board the vessel, if available. I also spend a lot of time reviewing the Weekly Onshore Offshore Meeting1, or WOOM, in preparation for the day's events. As an integral part of the deployment of the Smart shipping program, this preparation allows me to target the important issues to be addressed during our meeting. WOOM is an essential tool that allows us, as Operations Managers, to focus on one vessel only and to address all the topics related to the life of the vessel over the past week and the week to come". The afternoons are usually dedicated to meetings about operations, crew and safety, audit follow-up, etc. before planning the next day.

The secrets of success, according to Wassim: "Knowing how to surround yourself well and having clear objectives. My colleagues and I all come from different backgrounds, but our collaboration works because the team has understood in which direction we need to move forward”. In view of his background and multiple experiences, he remembers "the human side, the many encounters that have enriched me, but also the confidence that my managers have in me every day. This is the life dynamic that exists at BOURBON”.


1Weekly Onshore Offshore Meeting: weekly meeting between the vessel (the Captain & Chief Engineer), the Operations Manager and the Superintendent.

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