September 24, 2015

The absolute priority of BOURBON is safety:  the safety of its employees, the safety of its clients, the safety onboard as well as onshore. After the Safety day in April, BOURBON will conduct its second session.

As the first of the four Pillars of BOURBON’s operational excellence, safety is at the forefront of all group activities, with a target of reaching and maintaining a 0 LTIR (Lost Time Injury Rate) and continuously lowering the TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate).

To improve and maintain its safety culture, BOURBON safety days are a dedicated time slot to reflect on previous incidents, identify possible risks and create new safety solutions as a team. Each onboard and shore-based group will discuss safety elements regarding “Safe mooring practices” and “Slips, trips and falls.”

Safety Takes Me Home:  to reach a permanent zero incident Condition

Launched in 2012, Safety Takes Me Home (STMH) is a standardised and fully participatory safety campaign aimed at raising awareness and adherence to BOURBON safety processes.The current third season is focused on ‘Safety Tools’ and the hazards associated with pressurized equipment.

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