October 09, 2015

On September 24th, all BOURBON employees mobilized around the world for the second Safety day of 2015. The clearly-stated objective: strengthening the safety culture within the group by discussing concrete issues. On the agenda for this second edition: slips, trips & falls, and safety awareness during mooring operations.

Safety days are special meetings that give personnel the opportunity to interact and participate to raise awareness collectively and individually.  "They are an opportunity for each of us to share experiences, identify potential risks and propose solutions in order to prevent any incidents," says Chris Dixon, Vice President OSM*. "Twice a year we all meet, on board vessels, at the bases, but also at the headquarters of the 29 group affiliates, to take stock and reflect on specific topics. These are invaluable moments that reveal the strong commitment of our employees in terms of safety."

" Safety days are invaluable moments that reveal the strong commitment of our employees in terms of safety."
Chris DixonVice President OSM

Real-world case studies

The first Safety day was devoted to safety tools, the second focused primarily on slips, trips & falls - a topic affecting on-board personnel as well as land-based employees - and also safety awareness related to mooring operations. Open discussions were then held on board vessels and ashore, with everyone being encouraged to talk about preventive and corrective measures. They are an opportunity to review the various steps of the risk mitigation process: "These meetings allow us to mobilize all employees at the same time, working on real-world, everyday examples" adds Chris Dixon. "Safety is everyone's business, we hammer it home all year round, and these Safety days support the message very well." With Safety days, the "Safety Takes Me Home" campaign, safety discussions, meetings and exercises performed on board vessels and ashore. BOURBON, through the commitment of its employees, strives to continuously strengthen its safety culture.


*Operational Safety Management

Safety Day #2: on land and on board
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  • Safety day #2
  • Safety day #2
  • Safety day #2
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