March 12, 2015

Marion Blondelet joined BOURBON in early 2012. At the time, she started out as a "buyer" for maintenance stops: she was the first employee to take on this brand new position at Bourbon Docking.

In September 2013, Marion took on new responsibilities when she was promoted to the "Lead buyer, Engines & Propulsion" position. She explains:"We are 4 of us with this job title, each one was in charge of several purchasing categories." As the main contact person for suppliers, she truly represents the group: "I am in charge of establishing BOURBON’s procurement strategy for the commodities that I handle. I negotiate the terms and prices so that the affiliates can work with the most competitive and reputable suppliers who meet BOURBON’s standards."

The young woman is also responsible for establishing framework agreements to make transactions safe, in addition to ensuring the availability of parts and technicians. She also provides support to buyers and superintendants in the event of an emergency. "I work very closely with Bourbon Black Sea. By sharing our technical expertise, together we identify the priorities to be handled and in the event of a claim, we work together in order to get the best possible compensation."
By handling procurement at the group level, Marion is in a position to challenge suppliers on an ongoing basis, in order to "receive the best possible support for each entity."

As for her future, Marion knows that many challenges lie ahead for her: "There will always be room to improve when it comes to negotiations in the group’s best interest!"

Bourbon behind the scenes