August 27, 2014

New design, new content, new address... is the group's new digital platform. Welcome aboard.

Innovative design reflecting the group's focus on the future

Our new corporate website features BOURBON's new graphic design. Clearer and more user-friendly, the new interface is at the same time both clear and dynamic, having a more intuitive webspace configuration.

Discover how has put the emphasis on images. Pictures of our teams and our fleet in in action illustrate and support all the content.

And to help you remain continually within BOURBON's digital universe, was set up using a Responsive Web Design. In other words: it is accessible by all online users from any terminal: PC, mobile and tablet.

Positioning BOURBON as the reference service provider in the field of the offshore oil industry

A new domain name that better reflects who we are

To navigate the BOURBON universe, make way for a new domain name that better reflects our activities:

Something new - you can now find all information regarding the group and its recruitment policies. A one-stop web platform for a unified message.

OFFshore: BOURBON backstage

Would you like to go behind the scenes of our group? Discover OFFshore news designed to provide a fresh look at BOURBON's employees, operations and business lines. Peer into the everyday life of our teams and discover how, through their excellent training and the quality of their expertise, they manage ,every day, to pull off the most demanding missions of our oil and gas clients.


To (re)discover BOURBON, the offshore oil and gas marine services leader, just click on:


Bourbon behind the scenes