August 26, 2014

Cable installation, well stimulation, or diving support: a whole range of varied operations that our vessels are able to perform. A first for Malaysia...

In 2013, the Bourbon Evolution 803, operating on behalf of Daya OCI was entrusted with a mission to install 30 km of high-voltage cables, for powering future platforms. Our vessel was equipped with a saturation unit and equipment facilities mobilized and brought on the deck, becoming that way a diving support vessel (DSV) with a class 3 dynamic positioning (DP3).

Very high precision in deep water

To carry out this complex operation, we worked in several steps. The first phase was to install protective tubes, called I-tubes, within the structures of the platforms. In the second phase, cranes, an ROV (subsea robot) and divers went into action.

"Such operations are delicate. Indeed, the vessel must be accurately positioned within 10 m of the platforms."
Romain CosseratCaptain of the Bourbon Evolution 803.

This first step mobilized 105 crew members and technicians, and 9 saturation divers who worked in shifts at depths of up to 65 m. Once these operations were completed, we were able to initiate the second step: deploying the undersea cables connecting the various platforms.

Bourbon behind the scenes