December 09, 2014

As the oil industry leader in personnel transportation services, BOURBON has been committed to quality service on a daily basis for over 30 years. Attesting to this long-standing commitment, the group has now deployed a Passenger Charter on its crew boats.

With over 2.5 million personnel being transported each year, our crew boats crews and vessels are committed to providing the very highest level of quality of service to our clients, based on the following cornerstones: safety, welcome, comfort, regularity, attentive. This voluntary approach is now illustrated by our passenger charter. The charter is on display on Surfers and FSIVs in the BOURBON fleet, in addition to awareness tools available in several languages that have been deployed in all of our affiliates. In accordance with our vision, our mission and our values, these commitments are the common thread that unites our employees!

" My goal is to provide excellent service, for our company and for our clients."
Robert BASIC



Everyone - including the AB, the Chief Engineer and the Master - contributes to providing quality service.  On an everyday basis for both the pilot and crew, the quality of service is closely related to major priorities such as making safety the top priority at all times, demonstrating exemplary behavior, and good vessel maintenance.
This involves focusing on our commitment to service as well as compliance with all of BOURBON’s regulations and procedures, in addition to those of our clients.
Because a successful operation is one that is carried out without incident, this also involves applying the stop-work policy if any hazardous situation is encountered. “My role is to brief crew about our commitments on a daily basis, and to ensure that all procedures are being followed on board, by both crew and clients,” explains Robert Basic, BOURBON Surfer pilot. “Specific daily operations such as embarking and disembarking passengers via the boat landing must strictly adhere to BOURBON procedures and client’s protocol,” he explains. “My goal is to provide excellent service, for our company and for our clients.

The notion of quality of service is part of our operational excellence objective, in accordance with the standards set by BOURBON: genuine know-how, a modern and reliable fleet, and global technical support. “Our passenger charter is representative of BOURBON’s commitments and by extension, those of all employees, the frontline ambassadors of the group who play a key role when it comes to client satisfaction,” concludes Peggy Jeauneau, Commercial Manager Surfer at BOURBON.

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