November 23, 2014

Prior to joining the BOURBON Nigerian affiliate three years ago, Emmanuel Agu worked as a subsea engineer for a drilling services company based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. "When I joined BOURBON, I was excited for several reasons" he says.

"First of all it allowed me to change from an offshore job to an onshore job, much more convenient for combining professional and family life. Professionally, BOURBON has allowed me to be in constant interaction with clients for the first time in my career. It's a great responsibility and, at the same time, an extremely motivating task".

At the heart of operations

The BOURBON client satisfaction chain puts Contracts Managers at the center of operations. "In my position, I am the sole client interface when it comes to the implementation of the contract. This organization ensures we never leave the client in the dark or uncertain" he explains. "This means ensuring rapid communication in complete transparency, and anticipating or managing difficulties. The Contracts Manager is an additional guarantee of the proper execution of the contract. Objectives: to guarantee operational success and maintain client satisfaction".

This monitoring is carried out through the systematic implementation of a client plan of action, which gives clear, objective information about operations and details the monitoring for areas of improvement.

"BOURBON can thus provide quality services, with a commitment based on security and operational excellence," said Emmanuel, proud to contribute to the success “of a company known for innovation, honesty and integrity".

Bourbon behind the scenes