March 22, 2018

As every year, BOURBON celebrates in March the International Women’s Rights Day by highlighting the career of several of its employees, working onshore and on board vessels. After Ann Till, HSE Superintendent, discover the testimony of Chioma Mbama, Contracts Manager in Nigeria.

OFFshore:  Why did you choose a career in offshore industry and what is your path?

Chioma Mbama: My entry into offshore industry happened right after my graduation from the university in 2005 (Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering). Prior to that, I had the opportunity of working in Offshore industry during my six months compulsory industrial attachment program, when the zeal to push on in the industry emerged.

I started first in Offshore design and fabrication company, to drilling and completions company, ROV subsea company and BOURBON in 2013. Before I joined BOURBON, as an ROV Pilot/Technician  and a member of numerous professional organizations “local and international”, I had worked with great personalities in the offshore industry, who strongly supported and encouraged me thus far.

In BOURBON, I started as Assistant Subsea Contracts Manager, was promoted to Subsea Contracts Manager in 2015.

Since 2017, I have held the position of Contracts Manager for Marine and Subsea fleet where I reside currently.

My role and responsibilities as Contracts Manager is very unique in the sense that as a representative of the contracting company, I’m the client's priviledged interlocutor. Also, to the vessel a helper in need and a police guard of client for compliance.

Invariably, I promote client satisfaction chain in line with group's guidelines, manage the vessels contract life follow-up from onhire to offhire. I ensure prompt, exhaustive invoicing and I lead Quality and HSE awareness in the contract management. I also ensure client regular contact / meetings / visitations / Information gathering of business opportunities for business continuity, maximizing vessels utilization with focus on achieving strategic objectives  -  to gain greater market share of Marine business opportunities in Nigeria.

I ensure business continuity, maximizing vessels utilization with focus on achieving strategic objectives.

For continual improvement (feedback to internal entities) and to monitor client satisfaction, I ensure prompt collection of customer feedback form.

OFFshore: How do you live the fact to work in a man’s world?

Chioma Mbama: It is never all sweet and rosy, yet is the best industry, an interesting place to work. Though as a woman, it gives me certain level of advantage; professional  and mental maturity necessary to survive in the ever challenging offshore industry.

OFFshore: What do you prefer in your daily job? What are the more interesting tasks?

Chioma Mbama: My preference in my daily activities is relationship with client, the crew onboard the vessels and office colleagues. First, it gives me the opportunity to relate with people of diverse culture and background as a family and professional colleagues - like minds. Top notch on my list is attending to the vessels and client concerns, getting invoices while seeking for more business opportunities.

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