August 18, 2015

The Bourbon Evolution 800 Series numbers 10 multipurpose supply vessels (MPSVs) with an overall length of 100.20 m and 34 m of air draft from the waterline to the top!

These Dynamic Positioning class 3 MPSVs are dedicated to subsea operations up to depths of 3 000 meters. This series has been designed to provide the highest quality of service to the client. Let’s explore it with Alaeddine Kilani, Second Officer / Senior DP Operator on the Bourbon Evolution 802, operating off Nigeria since September 2013.

"On board the Bourbon Evolution 802 we are 25 crew members, 45 clients and 15 catering members, all living onboard. That is quite different from working on an AHTS or a PSV."

Alaeddine Kilani, SECOND OFFICER ON THE Bourbon Evolution 802

1 – Propulsion and machinery

These MPSVs can reach a maximum speed of 12 knots, but are usually driven to an economical speed of 10 knots. Equipped with diesel-electric propulsion, the series is a very cost-effective solution for offshore operations in terms of Fuel savings.

The powerful machinery is made reliable by the redundancy of the 2 engine rooms, and highly flexible to different operational profiles with 7 main generators of 1 235 kW/600 V chacun. each. Furthermore, the 3 x 1 686 kW, stern azimuth thrusters and the 3 x 843 kW bow thrusters, with 1 retractable forward azimuth thruster, enable the highest maneuverability.

2 – Deck equipment and capacities

"Our scope of work is IMR and light construction." Alaeddine explains . "The main operations delivered by the Bourbon Evolution 802 are the installation of Jumpers, Xmas trees, EFL (Electrical Flying Lines) and HFL (Hydraulic Flying Lines), general visual inspection and survey of subsea assets, beacon positioning and drill ships support, maintenance on valves and wellheads. That’s why we need all the specific equipment onboard."

Cranes & ROVs

The main deck features a 1 000 m² area. This large space allows simultaneously operating 2  Active Heave Compensation (AHC) cranes: a 150 t main crane, and a 40 tauxiliary crane. These cranes are a genuine asset for MPSVs, especially for frequent IMR operations. A dedicated ROV deck of 250 m2 can host 2 remotely operated submarine vehicles (ROVs) and their related equipment (workshop, piloting container). These ROVs can work at depths of up to 3 000 m and handle loads ranging from a few kg up to 3,5 t.

Storage tanks

Furthermore, the exceptional underdeck capacities allow configuring those vessels in a well-testing mode, able to store up to 24 000 barrels of crude oil. Vessels can also carry 350 m3 of IMR specific products such as methanol or subsea dispersant.


The series can be equipped at the client’s request with a 9 m x 9 m, moonpool integrated into vessel’s design from day 1. The Bourbon Evolution 804 has been equipped with one. This makes it possible to conduct operations such as diving support or ROV launches under rough sea conditions.

3 - Accommodations

"We are 25 members from Bourbon Offshore Greenmar on board the Bourbon Evolution 802 at the moment", Alaeddine adds, "and the client’s teams represent almost 45 people with the project teams and the engineers! This also represents a team of 15 members to deal with catering as we all live onboard. That is quite different from working on an AHTS or a PSV!" our Senior DP Operator concludes.

The series is designed to host 105 people. Nevertheless the series can be configured in  "floatel", mode, which makes it possible accommodate a total capacity of 240 persons. The facilities have been designed focusing on make life on board easier, whether for work or recuperation. Vessels feature offices, day rooms, workshops, a conference room for 10 persons, a sick bay, a laundry, and a large galley.

4 – Bridge

The bridge of Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels offers a panoramic wheelhouse with a 360° view, ensuring safety during operations and offshore installation approach maneuvers. Designed for safety and joint operations management, this bridge contains a dedicated client area.

Dynamic positioning (DP) control panels are a crucial element of the wheelhouse. Dedicated DP officers are at work 24/7 with the vessel’s Master to monitor subsea IMR operations. The series is classified DP3, which allows the vessels to maintain their position with extreme precision and to be highly maneuverable with the safety ensured by advanced redundancy.

5 – Top wheelhouse


On the top of the vessel, you’ll find the fire-fighting equipment comprising 2 x 2 400 m3/h pumps and 2 x 1 200 m3/h monitors. Classified FIFI Class I, this series can handle standby rescue vessel operations..


Finally, giving the Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels their remarkable profile, the helideck can accommodate helicopters such as S61/Super Puma.

Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels are design for deepwater fields, which means that they are often located at a really far sailing distance from shore. That’s why this kind of MPSV is more often equipped with an helideck than conventional offshore supply vessels. The main purpose of this feature is for crew changes (2 times a week) and emergency transfers.

Engine room

On the Bourbon Evolution 802, average daily fuel consumption is 8 m3 a day in operational profiles. For specific profiles such as transit, average consumption is 17 mwith an economical speed of 10 knots.

Everything on board is oriented toward optimizing fuel consumption: measuring and control equipment, crew training, sharing of best practices, joint management with the client…

The vessel gives a regular feedback on fuel reporting, as efficient fuel management is a key commitment for the group.


Bourbon Evolution series in pictures
  • Bourbon Evolution 801, engineers working in engine room
  • Bourbon Evolution 802, crane operator
  • Bourbon Evolution 803, FiFi test during sea trials
  • Bourbon Evolution 804, moonpool test during sea trials
  • Bourbon Evolution 805, jumper installation operation
Bourbon behind the scenes