Presented in Shanghai in June 2010, the BOURBON 2015 Leadership Strategy plan aims to raise the group to world leader in marine services for offshore oil and gas by 2015.

As part of the Horizon 2012 plan, it relies on the latest-generation fleet that meets both continental offshore and deep offshore operational requirements. These new vessels, symbolized by the Bourbon Liberty, Bourbon Evolution, and Bourbon Explorer series, enable the group to offer a comprehensive range of marine services to our most demanding clients.

"The BOURBON 2015 Leadership Strategy plan is simply to make the most of the opportunity, enabling the group to become the undisputed leader in offshore marine services."

Key figures of the 2015 objectives

  • € 500 million invested to order 41 vessels
  • 95 %: our fleet availability rate
  • - 4 %: decrease in our operating costs
  • 550 vessels of an average age of 5 to 6 years

Our priority: customer satisfaction

In constant pursuit of operational excellence, BOURBON has placed client satisfaction at the heart of its strategy:

  • by committing to lowering their operating costs, due to innovative, highly-productive, built in series vessels both in continental offshore and deepwater offshore
  • by offering a wide range of marine services to offshore oil and gas

Transforming for Beyond: the BOURBON transformation PLAN for beyond 2015

To broaden the range of possibilities beyond 2015, BOURBON is transforming now. The objective is clear: to implement a new growth and value creation strategy.

This transformation plan can be broken down as follows:

  • a personalized customer relationship platform
  • the group's employer brand aimed at recruiting and retaining employees worldwide
  • operational excellence at controlled costs for the entire fleet
  • strengthening our financial structure through a new investment strategy


The power of strategic plans in our history

Historically, BOURBON's success has been forged through the definition and implementation of transformation plans. Several times during its history, the group was able to make strong and structuring choices, sometimes going against the trends of the industry. Among the most daring - and successful- of these was choosing to standardize our fleet.

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