Following the first two new generation Supramax bulk carriers of 58,000 tons (Major and Tabor), Setaf Saget took delivery of the Molitor on the 19th of November 2009.
This is the third ship of this series of 10, built by the Chinese shipyard Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding from Sinopacific Group.

The other seven vessels in this series will be delivered periodically through to 2011.

A series of latest-generation Supramax

The specific design of the series of Supramax vessels is the result of great expertise in the management of this type of carrier.
Of a customized size, tonnage and design, this series presents operational advantages that are much appreciated by clients. The new Supramax are equipped with powerful cranes and are able to load and unload their 58,000 ton cargo in the minimum time at sites without a port infrastructure. Their propulsion system and the design of the hull have been optimized to cut operating costs by keeping down their fuel consumption.
By having this series built in China, at high-quality shipyards offering competitive prices, BOURBON ensures that it can offer its clients quality service with latest-generation vessels at the best possible price.