BOURBON expands its fleet of personnel transport vessels by taking delivery of the Bourbon Sirocco and the Bourbon Shamal, the first two in a series of 4 versatile FSIVs. Delivered in October 2012, the Bourbon Sirocco is currently operating in Angola. The Bourbon Shamal, her first sistership, will soon be delivered.

Designed by Piriou Ingénierie and Mauric Design, and built by the Piriou SEAS shipyard in Vietnam, this brand new series relies on the solid experience both companies have and on their long-term partnership with BOURBON, which in 2004 resulted in the very first FSIV (Fast Support Intervention Vessels) series in the BOURBON fleet.

BOURBON currently has a fleet of 30 FSIVs, rapid assistance vessels that can simultaneously carry urgent supplies and intervention teams.

Built in series and equipped with a class 2 dynamic positioning system (DP2), the Bourbon Sirocco and the Bourbon Shamal are entirely in line with BOURBON’s fleet strategy.

With their characteristic straight bow, improving personnel comfort, these versatile vessels are designed to meet the needs of both the personnel transport market and offshore installation support. They offer exceptional maneuverability and increased operational safety thanks to their DP2 system. Their crews, meeting the BOURBON high standard of competence, are composed of 10 complementary members including a second for each crucial position: one captain and his first mate, one DP officer and his Junior DP Officer, one chief engineer and his second engineer, as well as 4 experienced seafarers.

Light and versatile, the Bourbon Sirocco and the Bourbon Shamal also offer:

  • a cabin that can accommodate 60 personnel members, equipped with quality seats, air conditioning and soundproofed for optimal comfort;
  • a latest-generation design combined with a light, aluminum hull enabling fuel savings and increased speed;
  • a waterjet propulsion system, with a maximum speed of 30 knots;
  • over 240m2 in deck cargo space.

The Bourbon Sirocco is already at work in the waters off Angola. Throughout its contract in the region, the vessel can count on:

  • local support from Sonasurf, BOURBON’s Angolan joint venture;
  • the Group’s maintenance network, via BOURBON Repair Centers.

"The Bourbon Sirocco, as well as her sister ships, will take full advantage of the strategy implemented by BOURBON in its quest for operational excellence, that is to say anticipating market needs and offering its clients a fleet of modern, reliable, efficient vessels built in series," concludes Rodolphe Bouchet, BOURBON’s Vice President for Business Management-Marine Services.