In the world around us, compliance cannot simply be summarized as doing things well. It is a question of operational excellence, company's success, and risks reduction.

Our industry is exposed to two major risks: risks related to the safety of people and property and risks related to Compliance. The entire company is exposed to these risks.

BOURBON is committed to conducting its business with an emphasis on transparency, ethics, and responsibility, complying with the strictest laws and regulations.

The foundation of our Compliance Policy falls under the company's Code of Conduct.
Defined according to the highest international standards, applicable in all countries, at all sites, the Code of Conduct applies to all employees, on land and at sea, and anyone working on behalf of BOURBON: contractors, temps, etc. It also applies to business partners and suppliers.

BOURBON reserves the right, for example, to terminate business relations with companies that don't respect its compliance and ethics rules.

"Compliance is everyone’s business. That’s a way to express trust and transparency towards our colleagues, managers and all our stakeholders, particularly our clients and suppliers."


A culture of compliance

To ensure Compliance to be, ever more, an integral part of its corporate culture, and to guarantee the proper application of rules, BOURBON deployed all over the world a dedicated organization and a steering and monitoring committee, associated to risk analysis tools. Its Compliance managers network, in all the organisations of the group, guarantee the correct local implementation of guidances. It also ensures the relay of the internal awareness and mobilization campaign, whose themes clearly affirms the group’s ambition: “Compliance, no Compromise”. If the Code of Conduct is the foundation of BOURBON’s Compliance policy, the e-learning sessions, followed by the employees, onshore and offshore, and the ethical hotline, enabling to report a risk situation, allow everyone to be actor in preventing the non-compliance risks.

The BOURBON Code of Conduct is published in 4 languages and is distributed to BOURBON employees and partners.

Ethical alert system : Towards a strengthening of the confidentiality of information
Because situations on the field can be complex, BOURBON an ethical alert system which complements the procedures already in place. This system gives the opportunity to all BOURBON employees and stakeholders to alert, in a confidential manner, about any behaviour contrary to the BOURBON Code of Conduct, and thus enabling everyone in the prevention of non-compliance risks. Wishing to strengthen its ethical commitments, BOURBON is using an external service provider, in order to guarantee the confidentiality of information, as well as the protection of the whistleblower, by using a secure platform to carry out and host all exchanges and information relating to the facts reported.
If anonymity is requested, the whistleblower will have as his only point of contact the service provider for the follow-up of his alert.
Persons wishing to use this system will make their report by sending the dedicated form to the following external email address:
The submission of an ethical alert is optional and not mandatory. According to CNIL regulation (ref.2017-191), you can access and modify your personal data asking to this e-mail.


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