May 21, 2015

The Combined General Meeting of BOURBON shareholders was held today in Paris, chaired by Mr. Jacques de CHATEAUVIEUX.

All the resolutions submitted to a vote were approved, notably:

  • Distribution of a dividend of € 1 per share, equivalent to that paid in 2014

As of the opening of the NYSE Euronext Paris stock market on June 2, 2015, the BOURBON share will be quoted ex-dividend. The dividend will be paid starting June 4, 2015. The last day to buy shares and still receive the dividend is prior to the closure of the NYSE Euronext Paris market on June 1, 2015.

  • Amendment to article 25 of the memorandum and articles of association in order to adopt the payment of a loyalty dividend

The General Meeting adopted the amendment to article 25 of the memorandum and articles of association with the implementation of a loyalty dividend of 10% for any shareholder who, after the close of any financial year, can prove that his shares have been registered in his name for at least two years and that they have remained so until the date of payment of the dividend for the said financial year.
The number of shares giving entitlement to these benefits cannot exceed, for the same shareholder, 0.5% of the company's share capital.
This provision aims to reward shareholder loyalty and will come into application for payment of dividend to be distributed for the period closed on 31st December 2017, as fixed by the annual General Meeting called in 2018.

  • Reappointment of Ms. Agnès PANNIER-RUNACHER, Mr. Philippe SALLE, and of Mr. Mahmud B. TUKUR as director for three years
  • Appointment as director of Mr. Guillaume de CHATEAUVIEUX, to replace Mr. Christian MUNIER, until the end of the Meeting held in 2017 to decide on the accounts for the elapsed period

The full results of the votes on resolutions and the curriculum vitae of the new director will be available on the

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