May 27, 2016

The Combined General Meeting of BOURBON shareholders was held on May 26, 2016 in Paris, chaired by Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux.

All resolutions (amended, where required) were approved and notably:

  • The distribution of a dividend of €1 per share in cash or in shares
  • The renewal of Ms. Xiaowei Wang, Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux and of Mr. Christian Lefèvre as directors for three years;
  • Authorization given to the Board of Directors to undertake operations with regards to shares in the company (purchase and cancelation of shares);
  • The remuneration packages for Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux, Mr. Christian Lefèvre, Mr. Gaël Bodénès and Mr. Nicolas Malgrain for 2015;
  • The renewal of the authorization given to the Board of Directors to allot bonus shares, existing and/or new shares, to salaried staff and/or certain Company representatives or of those affiliated to it;
  • Amendment of article 3 of the Company articles of association: “Name of the Company”;
  • Amendment of article 16 of the Company articles of association: “General Management”

Focus on the approval by shareholders of the distribution of a dividend of €1 per share in cash or shares

The Board of Directors submitted to the Meeting a proposed amendment of the third resolution to propose to shareholders a payment of the dividend in cash or in shares.

After discussion during the Meeting, the “bureau de l’Assemblée” decided to put to a vote by the shareholders an amended third resolution and subsequently, a complementary resolution. During a pause in the session, the Board of Directors met and recommended to shareholders to vote on the amended third resolution and the complementary resolution that were then approved by the shareholders.

Shareholders can exercise their choice between June 15 and July 7, 2016 inclusive by addressing their request to their financial intermediary. The issue price of the new shares for the payment in shares will be €9.66 after application of the maximum discount of 10%. The shares will trade ex-dividend on June 15, 2016 and the dividend payment will be made in cash or in shares on July 18, 2016.

Focus on the reunification of the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

The meeting of the Board of Directors, which followed the General Meeting, made the following decisions:

  • The reunification of the roles of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer;
  • The nomination of Jacques de Chateauvieux as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, effective the same day;
  • The nomination of two Executive Vice Presidents, effective the same day: Christian Lefèvre and Gaël Bodénès

In the coming few days, the full results of the votes on resolutions will be available on:

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