BOURBON pays tribute to seafarers on the second international Day of the Seafarer.

BOURBON is fully committed to the International Maritime Organisation’s second International Day of the Seafarer.
The day is to recognise how much the sea means to us and how much seafarers’ activities contribute directly or indirectly to our everyday lives.
For the occasion, the IMO is asking everyone involved in marine life whether they be seafarers, shipowners, service companies, tourism companies or production companies to get involved, use social networks and make some noise on the web with messages about the marine world, stories, anecdotes, videos and photos using the slogan “Thank you, seafarers.”
BOURBON is the leader in offshore oil marine services and employs over 8000 seafarers. The Group is therefore fully committed to the project to pay tribute to the men and women working with the Group and seafarers all over the world.