June 05, 2019 10:30 AM

BOURBON Corporation confirms having received a financial restructuring offer from its main lenders and lessors

  • As indicated on March 14, BOURBON has received several offers, conditional notably to due diligence and comprising essentially new financings and a reduction of the debt, part of which involving a conversion of a portion of the debt in capital.
  • The restructuring offer received today is conditional to a number of conditions precedent.

While the implementation of the #BOURBONINMOTION strategic plan is progressing, BOURBON received today a restructuring offer from its main lenders and lessors. Conditional to certain conditions precedent, such offer needs to be analyzed and considered as regards the interests of the group, of its employees and of its shareholders. Other offers could be submitted in the coming weeks. The Board of Directors of BOURBON Corporation will decide on such offers only after having thoroughly examined of all their terms.

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