Each year, BOURBON’s operational affiliates with a zero-incident rate are rewarded by the Group for their efficient preventive safety management.

BOURBON entity to receive recognition for a zero-incident rate in 2009.


In 2011, four affiliates were rewarded for their outstanding commitment to injury prevention:

  • Bourbon Offshore MMI (Dubai), managing and operating an AHTS, PSV, Crewboats and MPSV fleet within the Mediterranean – Middle-East – India regions
  • Les Abeilles (Le Havre), responsible for protecting the French coastline on behalf of the French Navy
  • PT Surf Marine Indonesia (Indonesia), managing and operating a crewboat fleet
  • Bourbon Offshore DNT (Italy), managing and operating a fleet of underwater robots (ROVs) providing subsea services

Several other affiliates also acknowledge contributions to safety with individual incentive programs and awards.

BOURBON’s safety awards are consistent with initiatives taken by the Group's clients and by the offshore oil and gas industry as a whole.

Clients’ recognition of BOURBON’s crews and vessels safety performances

Safety is key for BOURBON’s clients. In this context, many clients promote BOURBON’s crews and vessels worldwide safety performances organizing quarterly safety awards within BOURBON’s chartered units.


Through 2011 and 2012, more than 10 BOURBON vessels and a whole affiliate were acknowledged by clients for their safety performances:

  • The Bourbon Yack and the Bourbon Bison (2 terminal tugs), while operating in Nigeria, received the Zero Recordable Incident award for operations on Agbami field in 2011
  • The Malila (PSV), while operating in Angola, was rewarded Champion vessel for 2012 in the category overall performance
  • The Bourbon Crown (AHTS), while operating in Angola, was rewarded for 2 Years LTI Free in 2011
  • The Luiana (PSV), while operating in Angola, received the Safety Champion 2nd Quarter 2011
  • The Vissolela (MPSV), while operating in Angola received the Safety Champion 3rd Quarter 2011 as well as the Safety Champion 2011 Block 15 award
  • The Bourbon Emerald and the Bourbon Trieste (2 MPSV from the Bourbon Subsea Services fleet), while operating in Nigeria, were promoted respectively for 6 years without LTI and for - 3 years without LTI
  • The Bourbon Liberty 104 (PSV), while operating in Qatar, was rewarded High Safety Standard Vessel
  • The Bourbon Morrakot and the Bourbon Paitoon (2 Bourbon Liberty 200 AHTS’s), while operating in Thailand, received the Contractor Award for SSHE Excellence in 2011
  • The Bourbon Peridot (MPSV), while operating in Nigeria, received the HSE Excellence award on successful completion of Usan project
  • The Surf Mitra (a Bourbon Liberty 200 AHTS), while operating in Indonesia, received the Good Safety Record in 2011 and 2012
  • The affiliate Bourbon Interoil Nigeria Limited was rewarded in 2011 for Two Million man hour without LTI

In August 2012, the crews of 3 BOURBON crewboats (Surfer 3602, Surfer 21898 and Surfer 254) operated by Sonasurf in Angola were rewarded for their safety performance rates during the second quarter of 2012, based on the total number of crew members transported without incident.

“As a key component of the success of BOURBON 2015 Leadership Strategy plan, safety is an absolute priority for the Group as we believe that operational excellence relies on the guarantee of safe, efficient and reliable services delivered by highly competent professionals,” says BOURBON’s Chief Operating Officer Gaël Bodénès. “At the heart of our company’s efforts lies the personal commitment of each employee to a responsible and proactive approach to safety. This is key to reaching high performance levels. At BOURBON, we believe that managing safety with clients will lead to operational excellence by allowing to deliver safely efficient and reliable services”