Support of offshore installations, emergency responses, crew transport... the BOURBON FSIVs assist our clients with a wide range of services.

Our FSIVs - Fast Support Intervention Vessels - are primarily intended for urgent resupply and the transport of response teams. They offer:

  • high speed to respond to emergencies
  • increased payload, up from 20 tons 10 years ago, to more than 200 tons today (up to 226 tons for the Bourbon Harmattan)
  • great versatility, enabling them to transport and deliver bulk liquids (fuel oil and water)
  • a high standard of safety
  • class 2 dynamic positioning (about 10 vessels equipped)


  • 60 seats in the cabin
  • Cruising speed of 26 knots
  • 240 m² of deck space
  • 285 t deadweight


Optimized design

Ever faster: that's what's requested by our clients, who require a cruising speed of around 30 knots. To meet these expectations, we have designed a new series of vessels based on a specific design employing a flared hull - making it more comfortable for personnel - and increased payload capacity.

The main features of this series:

  • an ideal compromise between weight and speed, thanks to an aluminum hull
  • more comfort, with sound insulation and more ergonomic seats
  • exceptional maneuverability and increased operational safety, thanks to its Class 2 dynamic positioning system (DP2)
" The FSIVs are in line with the strategy established by BOURBON and its objective of operational excellence, the ability to anticipate market needs and offer our clients a fleet of the lastest, reliable, efficient, vessels built in series."
Rodolphe BouchetChief Commercial Officer, BOURBON



Bourbon Deneb 390 t
Bourbon Khepra 390 t
Bourbon Procyon 390 t
Bourbon Express 263 t
Surf Express 263 t
Kemba 263 t
Bourbon Adelaide 233 t
Bourbon Agathe 233 t
Bourbon Alioth 233 t
Bourbon Annabelle 233 t
Bourbon Antoinette 233 t
Bourbon Axelle 233 t
Bourbon Leda 228 t
Bourbon Castor 228 t
Bourbon Pollux 228 t
Bourbon Calima 226 t
Surf Lestari 226 t
Bourbon Maraamu 226 t
Bourbon Sumatra 226 t 
Bourbon Sirocco 226 t
Bourbon Autan 223 t
Bourbon Bora 223 t
Bourbon Levant 223 t
Bourbon Libeccio 223 t
Bourbon Marin 223 t
Bourbon Meltem 223 t
Bourbon Ponant 223 t
Bourbon Miss Allie 110 t
Bourbon Miss Ramona 110 t
Bourbon Miss Gayla 95 t
Bourbon behind the scenes