In the following you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions by our investors and shareholders.

What is the main activity of BOURBON?

BOURBON offers a broad range of deepwater and continental offshore oil and gas marine services. Under the new “BOURBON 2015 Leadership Strategy” plan, the company will invest US$ 2 billion to offer its most demanding oil and gas clients a large fleet of innovative and high performance vessels. It will guarantee the highest standard of quality service worldwide, under completely safe conditions. BOURBON also protects the French coastline for the French Navy.

When was the Company first quoted?

BOURBON has been quoted on Paris Stock Exchange (2nd sector) since 1998, October 20th. The Annual General Meeting held on May 26, 2015 approved the change of the name "Bourbon Corporation", the mnemonic remains.

What is BOURBON’s fiscal year?

BOURBON’s fiscal year is a calendar year that runs from January 1 to December 31.

What are the technical informations to know about BOURBON’s listing?

Classified by ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark) in the « Oil Services » sector, BOURBON is listed for trading on Euronext Paris, Compartment B, and is included in the Deferred Settlement Service SRD.

How do I take part in Shareholders’ Meetings?

Reports and presentations of Shareholders' meetings are available on the Annual Shareholders' Meeting dedicated pages.

How can I get Annual reports?

The last two Annual reports are avalaible here.

How can I find out who are the Directors and who are the members of the Executive board?

You can find the information in the following pages Executive board and Board of directors.

Where can I obtain information about BOURBON’s results?

All of BOURBON’s results press releases and presentations are available on our website:




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