Combined General Meeting and decision of the Board of Directors of May 28, 2013.

The Combined General Meeting of BOURBON shareholders was held today in Paris, chaired by Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux.
All the resolutions submitted to a vote were approved, notably:

  • Distribution of a dividend of €0.82 per share, equivalent to that paid in 2012.

As of the stock market on June 03, 2013, the BOURBON share will be quoted ex-dividend.
The dividend will be paid starting June 06, 2013.
To receive this dividend, people must be the holder of record on June 5, 2013, meaning that the last day to buy shares and still receive the dividend is prior to the market closure on May 31, 2013.

  • Allocation of 1 free bonus share for every 10 held, as had been done in 2011.

The delegation of authority granted to the Board of Directors to increase the share capital by incorporation of reserves in the form of a bonus share award to shareholders with a ratio of 1 new share for 10 existing shares.
Fractional odd lot shares will not be transferable or negotiable; the corresponding shares will be sold.The record date for the shares to be eligible for this assignment is June 5* in the evening. This award will take place as of June 6**, 2013, the date on which BOURBON’s share price will be adjusted, until July 4, 2013.

  • Reappointment of Ms. Vo Thi Huyen Lan and Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux as directors for three years.
  • Appointment as director of Mr. Christian Lefèvre for a period of three years, following the recommendation of the the Nominating, Compensation and Governance Committee For the record, Mr. Christian Lefèvre, Chief Executive Officer of BOURBON since January 1, 2011, was appointed Chief Operation Officer on December 5, 2005.

The Board of Directors, which was held today at the end of the Annual General Meeting, decided to reappoint Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux as Chairman of the Board, a position that he has held since 1979, for the duration of his term of office.


A material error occurred in the documentation for the meeting of 28 May 2013 concerning the sixteenth resolution relating to the authorization granted to the Board for the issuance of various securities; indeed, the threshold of "thirty million euros (€ 30 million)" set forth in the original text of the resolution submitted to the shareholders should read "three million euros (€ 3,000,000)."
Convened on May 28, the Board of Directors has adopted the amendment allowing the shareholders to vote on the corrected text.