EBITDA 2011 totals €300.2m: +24.6%
Net income Group share in 2nd half of 2011: €28.2m
Net income Group share in 2011: €6.8m

Paris, March 7, 2012

“The market upturn in 2011 has resulted in early signs of an improvement in BOURBON’s performance and results,”, Christian Lefèvre, Chief Executive Officer of BOURBON announced. “EBITDA was up 24.6% compared with the previous year. This market upturn is more apparent in the deepwater offshore segment where we saw an increase of 4.6 points in utilization rates and 6.1% in prices in the second half. The steady improvement in activity coupled with a more favorable dollar in the second half of 2011 enabled the Group to post positive net income group share for the second half of 2011, at 28.2 million euros. A stable oil price (average of USD 111 per barrel over 2011) encourages investment in the sector and principally in deepwater offshore where the majority of the main discoveries are made. This will have a positive effect on the future prospects for the offshore vessels market and, with its modern and innovative fleet which has an average age of 5.6 years, BOURBON’s performance is likely to improve still further in 2012.”

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Introduction (duration: 4 min)

Christian Lefèvre, Chief Executive Officer

Financial Results (duration: 24 min)

Laurent Renard, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Operating Balance Sheet (duration: 25 min)

Gaël Bodénès, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

Strategy & Outlook (duration: 10 min)

Christian Lefèvre, Chief Executive Officer

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